We are humbled by the kind words and acknowledgement our clients share after concluding an engagement with our firm. These endorsements are the greatest compliment we can receive, and we provide them as reference for you as a leader who may be contemplating the best resources to help transition or evolve your company for the future. 

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" For over a decade Steve has been a highly valued Board member at our mid-sized private Canadian equipment rental company. His focus has always been to press management to move forward on the basis of a clearly thought through strategic ideas. All businesses focus intensively on their own internal challenges. The real value to be gained from an external Board is that it draws us away from short term thinking and towards the horizon. At our company, Steve has been consistently terrific at this.

In the past year, as Chair of our Board Compensation Committee, Steve has led us through a structured and effective succession planning and leadership development process. For businesses of our size, succession is often a low or non-priority. Steve not only pushed us hard to address this, but provided the framework to make real progress."

Douglas Barrett
President & CEO
PS Production Services Ltd.
Vancouver, Canada


"Having served on numerous Boards and consulted with CEOs around the world in virtually every industry, I can say unequivocally that Steve Walling is one of the brightest, most talented and most ethical senior executives with whom I have ever had the pleasure to work. His insights and attention to detail are unmatched, as is his knack for finding the best way to make the right things happen."

Dick Lyles
Manhattan Beach, California


"Steve Walling’s depth of organizational and talent development experience is helping us envision how to get from “small” to “sustainable growth.” As we grow 25-50% repeatedly and experience the growing pains that go with it, we have to build the HR systems and support structures that develop and sustain the organization. A thoughtful, deliberate approach to talent development, career-pathing and employee engagement is what’s needed, and Steve has brought that."

Peter Broer


"Steve Walling has been a recognized leader of Plasticolors, an Industry innovator, and a long time contributor to the success of the Composites Industry. For the last six years he has led the strategic planning and implementation process for the American Composites Manufacturing Association. ACMA is the worlds largest trade group representing the Composites industry. As a board member of the ACMA, Steve has had a dedicated focus and ability to help develop and refine ACMA’s strategic goals while providing insight and vision resulting in significant industry growth.

He has also forged strong collaboration between the ACMA staff and many volunteer leaders during the strategic planning process providing the momentum for a very strong future for the Composites industry. In recognition for Steve’s ability to develop future leaders and drive the Industry’s strategic direction, he was honored with the President’s award in 2011 and the Hall of Fame award in 2013."

Tom Dobbins
Executive Director
American Composites Manufacturing Association