Strategic Planning

Technology, global competition and the speed of change have quickly reshaped the business landscape in which we operate. Companies that subscribe to a culture of strategic planning for succession, organizational alignment and infrastructure development are further accelerating the already rapid fire speed of doing business. SJW Strategic Solutions understands that strategic planning is one of the few non-commoditized components of the modern business toolkit, and it can lead firms to greatness or just as easily serve as a stumbling block to future growth.

With the pace of change and innovation increasing, efficient deployment of our strategic initiatives is imperative for success. We sit at the bleeding edge, guiding, creating and implementing strategic plans that stick. Our commitment to seamless implementation as part of the planning process ensures that your collective effort has impact for all stakeholders.

Challenges we are called upon to address as part of the strategic planning process include:

  • No motivation or urgency to change the status quo
  • A lack of vision or a leader to guide it
  • Dysfunctional leadership teams not in concert to support a enterprise direction
  • Disparate opinions of the “right” strategy, paralyzed and unable to act
  • Lack of reference point where to begin the process and tools

With the SJW Structured Elements Approach we empower the companies we serve to create a new paradigm and instill an expectation of strategic planning as a critical tool to fuel a company’s success.

Our approach begins at the top of the organization, but is structured to integrate and guide the entire company to meaningful and transparent success.