Proven Motivator

A Proven Motivator has the charisma and experience to live up to their reputation, typically one that precedes them assuming a senior most leadership role. These individuals have a track record of success with established companies. They are typically coming to their leadership role from outside the organization. They bring a fresh perspective, along with an urgency to get things done. They are consensus builders who like to inspire and motivate, while lifting up and supporting the growth of senior and middle management.

For a Proven Motivator second place is not an option, and as a result they are deliberate in the choices the make from both a talent and structure perspective.

A Proven Motivator is likely to benefit from support in strategic planning, because they don’t come to their role with institutional knowledge of their current organization in most cases. They also have a tendency to address organizational alignment in short order so they can put their stamp on the future rising stars that are brought into the organization.