Objective Successor

An Objective Successor might also be described as an Heir Apparent. These individuals join a company on the ground floor and diligently work their way up to the highest levels of leadership. They are often brought into an organization specifically as a Qualified Successor to the current President or CEO, or they may be a chosen family member who is to assume the leadership role once their current leader has retired or stepped back from day to day operations.  

The Objective Successor shines with an in-depth institutional knowledge of the company they serve. Most are active in the industry and thus excellent at identifying trends in the marketplace. Some naturally progress in their role, as they understand the expectations ahead, while others go through the motions but lack the skills and/or confidence to step into their expected duties.

For an Objective Successor leadership development is typically their number one need, still they also benefit from Organizational Alignment to help them evolve the firm into their company and no longer their predecessors.