Innovative Thinker

This leader is creative by nature, with a propensity towards idea and product development. They are not afraid to operate outside the box when exploring their service or product offerings. The Innovative Thinker is not overly academic, and as a result they typically have taken a non-traditional approach in rising to their current leadership position. 

They are however forward thinking and many can be found in technology and other face paced fields where the pace of change and evolution is significant. 

The innovative leader is not risk adverse, and as a result can sometimes misread the outcome of particular actions in the context of their responsibilities to their firm. They can easily get sidetracked if they have not surrounded themselves with a team that compliments their skill set. An Innovative Thinker can get caught up in the idea of an opportunity or action, versus the necessity or principle of the next step. 

For an Innovative Thinker succession planning and organizational alignment are critical to their ongoing success.