Early Stage Entrepreneurs

The On-Demand Business Coach

SJW is committed to improving the professional position, preparedness and success of early stage entrepreneurs. Our firm has the ability to deliver the diverse, on-demand expertise early stage businesses need to thrive. SJW's unique ability sits squarely in the one-to-one, customized coaching and strategic development which is our strength. Add Steve's personal affiliation and board positions with respected, non-profit advocacy organizations like Fusion Pointe and Jumpstart, and you will see our demonstrated commitment to entrepreneurs nationwide.

Whether you need a Leadership Coach or Strategic Advisor, SJW will meet your needs and your timeline. SJW provides the following on an a la carte basis:

  • Ownership Structure and Establishment
  • Leadership Planning and Development
  • Infrastructure Enhancement
  • Talent and Organizational Development
  • Product Marketing
  • Strategic Planning and Implementation

Partnering with SJW you can:

  • Stay focused on taking your business to the next level
  • Staff strategically for results
  • Create and implement a forward thinking business plan
  • Identify and act quickly for current and future profitability

Call 440.812.5433 or complete our request form to inquire and set up a complimentary discussion regarding your next steps towards sustainable profit and significant success.